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This indicator is comprised of Relative Strength Index (RSI) and Moving Average Convergence/Divergence(MACD) and show the best promise of a true divergence. Our Flash indicator solves the problem of plotting RSI & MACD divergence

Divergence is an often a discussed trading tool, but it is mostly misused or too difficult to apply along with other trading indicators. Most find that trying to time a trade entry using divergence too confusing and unclear on when divergence is actually occurring. Then, which way is the market going to go? Divergence can signal a reversal or pullback, but in which direction? Our FLASH indicator removes all of these problems with one simple signal exactly where you need it, right on the chart.


  • Add to any chart or time frame
  • Prints on the current bar in real time
  • DOES NOT repaint several bars after the fact
  • Sound Alert
  • Freedom to Tune
  • User can change unicode, and colors